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I'm the creator of this grand community and youre the start of it, I do most of it at night > early Early morning so expect any additions or changes (stamps, icons, backgrounds) to surprise you in the morning.

Answers Needed
So what do you think since its a weight based community do you think we should have people post weights or clothing sizes,
though there wont be a specific requirement for getting in? And what do you think is the general range for average/chubby?

Note that this isnt really an anti fat community. This isnt really an anti thin community. Its mainly for people who arent wholly accepted in either (also the people who dont feel accepted). However, if anyone from either end of it you find exceptional vote however you will.

I'm personally not into the (big is beautiful) thing and I am in the process of losing 10 more pounds or so, but in the meantime I am happy with my body.

Currently Accepted
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am i not accepted because i havent posted a picture yet? or was i just forgotten?
oops! sorry

just forgotten
actually i just left off the end >


okays. tankies.
I think anyone who thinks they could use some weight loss [some not TONS] would be ok to join...

But that's just me...

I don't know......
I think Anyone who can Loose at least 10 pounds and still be healty. Othrewise we could get those people who Think there cubby and weight like 100 pounds. Otherwise than that I don't know.
You got my name wrong! LooooL it's doinee not dionee LoooooL....