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Hey, I'm Crystal. haven't tried to master that whole posting pictures in entires but I do have pictures in my user info picture section. I am not thrilled with my weight but hey it's me and I've pretty much grown used to it.
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I'm sorry but for now I have to say NO

you don't have any pics 'cept your user pic...

I also read your LJ.....

until I change my mind (prolly never) No
I just wanted to say thank you for your kind thoughts, I glad there are nice people in the world.
PS. I don't remember being rude to you (ever)
Ei, I never said you were rude to me....

I don't get it....
No you didn't. But why don't you take what you wrote to me and imagine that somebody wrote it to you. Would you think it rude then?
I wouldn't. I'd just take it as it is. That I was rejected.

So now you think I was being rude coz you got rejected? Dear, this is a rating community you should only expect such things....

im going to have to go with a no
unless you plan on posting other pictures
as theres not much to go off of from your userpics

if youre having trouble posting pictures heres the link in lj facts.
I would say YES, but only with more pics.
Thank you. You seem like a very beautiful woman inside and out I hope to here from you again.
I will Also say No Sorry, Yout user pics dotn show much.
you have a beautiful smile, ill give you that much. but until you post a decent picture sweetie im sayin...


good bye

sorry you can repost again if you post pictures aside from those in your user pic that would be great, maybe when more people join since the community just started there are few opinions and not that many people need to say no.
I thought it would be good to find people to talk to that were kind of like me but I realized that I am not like you guys because I would never be able to tell somebody no your not good enough. I thought that was what the whole point of this community was but I was mistaken. Thank you for your time.
im sorry if you were let down by the community, but it is a rating community and will be until otherwise decided which is why i didnt put nonugly in the title. but uhm yes i read your journal and i see that you are insane amounts of nice and i really hope you dont let it get you too down as it is just another rating community.
Hun, this is a rating community, as I said, you should only expect such things to be said and done.

There are lots of other support groups out there that don't base their memberships upon yes/no ratings. Go and join them. We just wanted this community to be a bit exclusive...

I read your past replies. You'd tell anyone who'd give you a yes...well that would be only one kind soul...that "she's beautiful" and everyone who gives you a no "he's being rude".

I don't know if you're just a narrow minded bigot or if you just don't get it. Whatever. We don't get you.

Sorry if you misunderstood our community.

Thank you for applying.


we never told you you weren't good enough. we were just asking for more pics......
Excuse me, I have talked to her before and that is why I knew she was nice before hand.

I do not want to join your community because I realized it wasn't for me and I will not be sending any pictures of me for you guys to judge. Now I can keep to myself and you can keep to yourself. Ok that's finished.