time bombs on fault lines (soulcraft) wrote in prettyaverage,
time bombs on fault lines

okay, guys, i got a more recient picture. it's still about 4 months old, but it looks more like me (i don't look THAT much different than the other)

the only difference from the one you're about to see and how i look now is that i have bright red hair, my ears are peirced (i'm in the process of stretching to either 00 or 1/2 inch, haven't decided which yet), i have 2 lip peircings, and a septum peircing.

and that's just the body modification you can see from the neck up. *wink wink nudge nudge* ;)

update, haha... i had some fun with photoshop. i don't have all of this bodywork done yet, and my hair is red, not blue... but this is what i'll look like before the end of the month.

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well if your sure thats not the same picture and that its mor erecent then i luva u.

i say yes

and dont you just love photoshop?
I adore you in the first picture, you look so cute!
I adore you all the time :)

I dont like the blue hair... I think i would like it red.