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oh yea! almost forgot.

well although im not at my normal computer w/ pics i could at least describe myself.
mi lllamo Sha-kera.
but you can call me shay or kera or blu. or whatever. ill answer.

ill be 16, im black, i like rock/alternative music(especially the old stuff), im bi, and misunderstood by family. heh. ive been on and off diets. losing 5 pounds here and gaining 3 there. stuff like that.many complain about me dieting. my gf wonders why i keep calling myself fat because shes bigger then me so i stopped saying it so much. imabout 5'3"and im about 140-150. i think its 145, not sure. i might have lost a pound or two. but oh well. ive lost about 15 pounds since 8th grade. i was a REAL chubby middle schoolar.not much at all i know...
nice to meet yaz
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