flightsafety (flightsafety) wrote in prettyaverage,

Note from Public Safety

Wow kids theres 6 members and theyre already bitching. Uhm complaints around because of the fact that this is a rating community. Also complaints about the automatic membership. Thats two types of complaints, out of six people.

But alright so I guess the point is, rethinking the community at the moment, should it just be a (look we're all chubby community) to clarify, the reason I made it any kind of rating community was not to tell people they werent pretty, it was basically to not have a community like the other chubby communities where it says "Look Chubby Community" and by that we meant "Look Another Fat Community".

1Should the community be restructured and just vote on whether the person is in fact chubby and not fat instead of pretty or not? Or any other suggestions?
2Since theres nonsense about this, everyone who was automatically in (sorry I know that the point was automatically in but I'm going for a full ring of happiness here) but depending on answers to previous question need to be accepted as well?

This is important as if not all of you have a say, I'm going to make a decision myself "You have to have a BMI of no more than 28 and you have to win beauty pagents" which sounds like a good idea.

over andout
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